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If You Want the Gift, It Can be Yours

Do you know who you have working for you?

“Yes, of course!” You say, “I know their name, their work history and maybe even a little about their family.” But I ask you, do you really know her? Do you really know him?

In one day, I spoke to three highly-conscious associates of a single dealership. All different backgrounds, all different positions and all on a similar journey of discovery and awakening.

It is no coincidence that I found them, or they found me. The order of events is irrelevant, but the fact is, I was put in their path. This is not unusual for me, any more. At first, I was taken by surprise about the series of circumstances that put such a like-minded individual in front of me. In the past, I used to find myself surprised (even though I knew better) by the serendipitous meetings with souls ready for new information.

Now, it’s different. In my heart, I know – I am exactly where I’m supposed to be and in those precious moments, I am present. I am with them, hearing their story, being curious and trusting my instincts. In those moments, they always teach me too. It’s the gift of reciprocity. I give and am open and in return I receive.

I ask you if you really know your people? Do you know that they have a heart for service, for learning or for giving?

It is all there, just waiting for you to discover. Yet, so often I hear, “I’m too busy.” Maybe you feel it’s understandable given the demands of your day to day. The art of “listening” on purpose requires too much time and doesn’t seem to give you value.

It’s important that I offer some tough love in this moment. The value to you may not be tangible at first, but I can tell you, when I am coaching and interacting with your people – I get the reward of what you put aside.

I get the opportunity to see your people light up with ideas and solutions that revealed themselves because I listened. I get the opportunity of participating in the “ah-ha” moments that move them into action for themselves and for you.

I wouldn’t trade places with you, but I can help you learn about your people. I can transfer these moments to you – if you’re interested in creating a deeper more meaningful relationship with your people.

All it takes is asking for help.


Jacqueline Jasionowski is the founder of Shift Awake Group. Her “soul” mission is to share with the world how connecting with your purpose through a higher level of consciousness will both drive results and enable you to innovate along the way.