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It’s Your Choice

It’s 5:30 AM and the alarm goes off, like it has every day this week. You should hit the gym, but you decide…it’s too cold. You stay in bed for another hour, making you late, again for work.  The gym is just one more thing you said you “should” do.

I’ll never forget when I heard Tony Robbins say “You need to stop should-ing all over yourself.” We all get stuck in “should-ing” our way through life.

How can you change I should into I am?

Identify a positive feeling to the action you want to take. Such as, “I am working out in the morning to feel the sweat, hear the music and breathe life into this body I am grateful I have.”

I should or I am… your choice.


Jacqueline Jasionowski is the founder of Shift Awake Group. Her “soul” mission is to help others connect with their purpose through a higher level of consciousness that will both drive results and enable innovation along the way. Please contact 614.403.6540 for info.