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The Shift: A Workshop for your Business and Soul

The Shift workshop is just the beginning. It lays the foundation of how soul-minded business is better business.

If you have found yourself questioning the current state of your organization and know there is deeper meaning and purpose, but you need help getting there, this workshop is for you. It is designed to guide your leadership by opening their hearts as we explore how conscious business creates meaning and differentiates your brand.

In this one-hour workshop, Jacqueline will come to your location and work with the leadership team to:

  • Discuss unsurfaced business, employee and leadership states.
  • Unveil the missing link and how more of “it” can improve your business.
  • Explore the Enlightenment Continuum and how it can help you measure mindsets in your organization.
  • Learn the tools to begin to create The Shift by building awareness around blocks that get in your way and how biology can impact team sentiment.

Is your curiosity piqued, but you have questions? Let’s connect.

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I can tell you, rarely will your people open their souls in a company survey. The truth is, you may never know – unless you ask them in a new way.

One critical fail of any organization is missing the pulse on “how” your people are feeling and the “why” that feeling exists.


How will you know how to get there if you don’t know where you’re going?

The Enlightenment Continuum begins this process as we litmus test your current culture. Your organizational purpose and value system is the blueprint of your ethos strategy. Without it, your environment is empty.


I hear it over and over again, “We don’t have the time to find the right people.”

The fact is, recruiting is not at the top of your managers “fun things to do” list nor do they know the fundamentals of hiring right. They are drowning in work and your lean HR team of one is attempting to keep it all together.

jacqueline presentingJacqueline Jasionowski infuses 18 years of experience in customer experience, human resources and coaching into her powerful presentations. Jacqueline believes that connecting the hearts and minds of her audience will raise organizational consciousness and create empathic cultures that keep customers loyal.

Jacqueline has spoken at dozens of customers experience conferences, delivered hundreds of presentations in various industries. She is a Certified Professional Coach and Master Energy Leadership Practitioner from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. She is a member of the National Speakers Association and a C-Suite Network Advisor.


Are you interested in a keynote speaker or a facilitated workshop?

Jacqueline uses the Core Energy Coaching ™ process to help her clients tap into their inner purpose and passion to connect that with their outer goals to bring extraordinary and sustainable results. Raising your level of awareness first begins with education. Jacqueline will teach you a new language that begins to shape the way you see yourself and the way you see others. This new language begins with the E.L.I. assessment.

Once your level of awareness is raised, it takes practical application to begin shaping the way you show up. We accomplish this through 1:1 coaching. Because attitude is subjective, it can be altered. By working with an Energy Leadership™ coach, you can alter your attitude and perspective, make a shift in your consciousness, and increase your energy and leadership effectiveness.