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I can tell you, rarely will your people open their souls in a company survey. The truth is, you may never know – unless you ask them in a new way.

One critical fail of any organization is missing the pulse on “how” your people are feeling and the “why” that feeling exists.

2S gets deep into the trenches with your people to unearth the dormant themes that are keeping your business small. We excavate old behaviors and channel solution thinking to the surface using 1:1 interviews with the employees. Our goal is to wake up your people and begin meaningful work with your leaders to shift your ethos.

Sleepwalking leadership is a quick and dirty way to run people out and miss the potential in your organization.

It’s time to pivot and do the soul searching required to get you where you want to go.


2S is a strategic program that:

  1. Finds the fractures in your culture using a 1:1 associate interview format;
  2. Challenges associates with solution development;
  3. Aggregates the data to create actionable programs, accountability and communication plans for leadership.

If you want to increase voluntary retention while reducing the hundreds of thousands of turnover costs slipping out your back door, channel your chaos into creative solutions with Shift Awake Group.


When you focus on evolving your ethos, you consciously shift into a corporation that soulfully generates profitability above the competition.


Contact us for more information on how to get started and Shift Awake.