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I hear it over and over again, “We don’t have the time to find the right people.”

The fact is, recruiting is not at the top of your managers “fun things to do” list nor do they know the fundamentals of hiring right. They are drowning in work and your lean HR team of one is attempting to keep it all together.

It’s time to bring in the experts.

Our Shift-HR program is a multi-faceted service. We offer HR consulting to find the process gaps, leadership training on how to hire right and recruiting services to give you time back to focus on running your business.


As with our other programing, you have to get under the hood to access the processes, find the gaps and close them with more efficient methodologies.


Shift-HR goes hand in hand with 2S. Once you’ve done the soul searching and your ethos blueprint is on point – your organizational success relies on a strong onboarding foundation and the right people in the right seats. Then, it’s time to deliver on the company purpose to love your customers as much as you love your people.


Contact us for more information on how to get started and Shift Awake.