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You Said Yes

You said, “Yes!”

You said, yes to the role. You said, yes to having a team. You said, yes knowing there would be more responsibility.

In that moment, saying yes left you inspired, excited and hopeful to develop a team that would innovate.

Yet, there was a shift, not too far off in the future where this great responsibility you said yes to, seemed more like a role driven by achieving targets and checking tasks off your list.

Instead of yes, you began saying “I’m too busy.”

“I’m too busy” turned into a way of being and leading is a word that you vaguely remember in your job description.

Now…you need help. It’s time.

You know you have lost your way through the myriad of tasks and deadlines, but you can’t even see it. Your people are visibly pissed off and you have to admit that your own soul is crying out for more.

I am here to remind you that you said, “yes.”

That small voice in your head says, “But I said yes years ago. How can I change this around?”

Even if it was years ago – you can still make the choice to show up differently tomorrow.

Like parents with their children, your team needs you. They need the “you” that said yes knowing the responsibility leading a team would require. They need the “you” that was filled with optimism and excitement, knowing you had this purpose to lead a team a team to victory through innovation and creativity.

It’s time.

You said “yes” knowing that you had more to give to this world and you wanted to inspire the people around you to give back in a way that inspired the world around them.

You just happened to lose your way. It happens to all of us – we get caught up in the storyline around us and where are attention goes our energy flows. The next thing you know, your months or years in the new gig and you’ve already cancelled all of your one on one’s with your team.

You can’t get this time back, but you can make the choice to grab the wheel and commit to leading.

It’s your responsibility to return to them – they need you.


Jacqueline Jasionowski is the founder of Shift Awake Group. Her “soul” mission is to share with the world how connecting with your purpose through a higher level of consciousness will both drive results and enable you to innovate along the way.